Companies with a strong service culture increase customer loyalty, retain great talent, and differentiate from competition. How strong is your service culture?

The Service Culture Indicator (SCI)

The SCI is a fast and easy service culture diagnostic tool that helps your leadership team identify top priorities to drive your service improvement and evaluate the opportunities to improve your organization’s
service culture.

The Benefits of the SCI

Identify Your Priorities

Clarify what is most urgent and most important to improve.

Evaluate Leadership Alignment

Confirm where your team members are and are not fully aligned.

Assess Current Performance

Evaluate your current performance in 14 competencies of service culture.

“The SCI helped our leaders identify key strategic priorities and discover service improvement opportunities around talent development and leadership engagement.”

Director, Customer Care
A Fortune 500 chemical manufacturing company

“The SCI tool enabled us to build a strategic roadmap for their service culture transformation. I highly recommend SCI to every leader who wants to launch a culture transformation initiative. “

Global Head
A Fortune 500 technology and networks company

How does the SCI work?

Schedule the Briefing

This step takes only 5

Launch Your Survey

You launch the SCI with
your team.

Get Your Report

We create your customized report and share it with you.

Sample SCI Report

  • Clarify Priorities

    Clarify Priorities

    The SCI reveals whether your team is – or is not –
    in agreement on these fundamental objectives.

  • Improve Alignment

    Improve Alignment

    Your score will reflect your organization’s current performance in six categories:
    Leadership, Improvement, Communications, People, Customers, and, Processes.

  • Build Performance

    Build Performance

    Assess your team’s alignment and your current service culture in six categories:
    Leadership, Improvement, Communications, People, Customers, and Processes.

  • Prioritize Next Actions

    Prioritize Next Actions

    Focus your efforts and prioritize your actions with customized
    recommendations to implement the UP Service Architecture.

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