We know loyalty can be easy to lose in a world driven to discover the next trend or satisfying experience.

Sadly, the potential for becoming ordinary is quite great.

We work with a select group of top tier organizations that can’t afford to lose the likability contest, repeat business or more opportunities through word of mouth.

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Most of these companies start off by scrambling to improve customer service with two common measures to help them stand out.

  • More training for customer-facing employees
  • Improve rules, procedures and flowcharts for customer interaction

These practices fall short of transforming the customer service culture, because they never address any backend function, such as logistics or IT.

In his 30 years of working with Fortune 500 companies, Ron Kaufman, the founder at Uplifting Service and author of The New York Times Bestseller Uplifting Service, has perfected a framework for cultivating an embedded service culture that delivers sustainable results.

Ron understands that nearly every leader recognizes the importance of having a customer service culture.

They just struggle to achieve it.

And that’s because the problems are so widespread.

  • Departments operate in silos often needing a referee in the blame game.
  • Employees in different department have different terminology for the same issue.
  • Shared responsibilities when delivering service are vague, ill-defined and not mapped out.

At the end of the day, it isn’t the company’s fault. The system is simply broken.

That’s why we developed The Service Culture Indicator.

It’s a free simple tool designed to reveal where your organization is thriving, where there is a breakdown, how to clarify your objectives and prioritize your action plan for dramatic results.

Results from The Service Culture Indicator

Paul Jones, CEO of LUX Resorts, took a company facing high debt, low morale, and a global recession to being listed on TripAdvisor’s Top 10 list.

Jones worked with Uplifting Service to clarify his objectives and prioritize his actions. He then launched a company-wide educational program to all 3000 employees to align their understanding of guests’ priorities and how to maximize service opportunities.

Within three year, LUX saw profits increase by more than 300%.

Then there is Jeffrey Becksted, former Global Head of Service Excellence for Nokia Siemens Networks. He worked with Uplifting Service and shifted employees’ focus from performance metric scores to brainstorming ways to actually make customers happy.

The result was improved employee morale and increased bottom line.

The Simple Solution

We at Uplifting Service have seen results time and time again with thousands of Fortune 500 companies. In only 5-10 minutes, you and your team can gain your own customized Service Culture Report, a proven methodology and implementation roadmap.

This report details all the areas needed to cultivate a culture of service, instead of a lackluster temporary fix.

You will walk away with the ability to prioritize your next actions.

This highly effective tool can help your organization go from ordinary to scaling a thriving business with increased customer loyalty, the ability to charge premium pricing and an overall better industry reputation.

We know gaps in your customer service are costing your company money and potentially your brand’s edge.

That’s why we invite you to get your complimentary Service Culture Indicator Report today.

Start now with these 3 easy steps:

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  2. Discover top priorities to improve your customer service in 10 minutes
  3. Walk away with action plan

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