Ten service excellence principles

Proven Customer Service Improvement Tools and Workshops

Master the proven principles and tools you need to Unleash Unbelievable!

Certified Uplifting Service Leaders (USLs) conduct interactive workshops for team members using proven Service Excellence Tools and Principles to solve service problems, improve customer experiences, and add Unbelievable value. We refer to all Workshops participants as Uplifting Service Champions, as each person can take action to improve service and add value for others.

Each of the ten UP Service Excellence Principles focuses on a vital aspect of service while generating significant improvements in internal and external service.

Conducted in an engaging style with UP videos, slides, and materials, each Service Excellence Workshop empowers colleagues to work closely together, creating new ideas and action plans. Many of these ideas can be implemented very quickly, delivering fast and measurable results.

The Ten Service Excellence Principles and Workshops include:

  • The Six Levels of Service
  • The Four Categories of Value
  • Your Perception Points
  • Take Personal Responsibility – TPR
  • Building Powerful Partnerships
  • The Cycle of Service Improvement
  • UP the Loyalty Ladder
  • Bounce! with Service Recovery
  • Managing Customer Expectations
  • The Four Styles of Service


The time-tested tested tools and techniques in these Service Excellence Workshops will help your team:

  • Solve service problems
  • Handle difficult service situations
  • Boost service performance
  • Increase service commitment
  • Build powerful and lasting partnerships
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Manage customer expectations

Every Service Excellence Workshop enables team members to generate new ideas and new actions, creating added value for the customers and colleagues they serve.


“The effects of the Uplifting Service program have been transformative. Team members take greater pride in what they do, and customer response has never been better.”

— Julian Hagger, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, The Lux Collective

“This program generated so many new ideas and opportunities that it was necessary to establish an Uplifting Service task force to prioritize initiatives.”

— Andrew Hurt, General Manager, Xerox Emirates

“It has definitely raised my own awareness of how I provide service to my colleagues.”

— Radha Ravindran, Certified Uplifting Service Leader, Temasek Polytechnic

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