Ten Service Excellence Principles and Workshops

Proven principles.
Fast results.

To build a strong, sustainable, and superior service culture, the first step is to create a solid foundation of shared understanding, common language, and effective tools.

Uplifting Service provides your team with the service excellence principles and workshops you need to continuously improve internal and external service performance. This suite of powerful tools enables the foundation of your superior and sustainable service culture.

These service excellence workshops are not traditional customer service training programs with standard scripts and procedures. Rather, these engaging and interactive workshops deliver powerful educational experiences, enabling your team members to create practical action plans that will achieve your service goals.

These workshops have delivered valuable results in every major industry and have been taught in 15 languages around the world. Ten Service Excellence Principles and Workshops should be completed by every leader, manager, and team member who is responsible for providing excellent service to customers or colleagues.

Workshop Outcomes

This suite of powerful service improvement tools are easily customized to achieve your business objectives. Each workshop emphasizes application to specific service situations ensuring new ideas are generated, new actions are taken, and new value is created.

Participants apply proven techniques to:

  • Solve service problems
  • Handle difficult service situations
  • Boost service performance
  • Add service value
  • Increase service commitment
  • Build powerful and lasting partnerships
  • Convert customers into loyal ambassadors
  • Manage customer expectations

Flexible Delivery. Valuable Results.

These workshops build a common service language among internal and external service providers enabling your team to communicate quickly and easily across a wide range of service situations. Common Service Language is the first building block to building a superior service culture.

With video-based instructional materials ensuring consistent delivery, this course can be effectively taught by your own in-house Change Leaders to achieve greater flexibility and cost savings.

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When you are ready to take the next step forward, please contact us to schedule Service Excellence Workshops and to learn more about certifying your own in-house Workshop Leaders.
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