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Service connects us all. It is at the heart of how we interact, how we communicate, and how we bring value to each other’s lives. So why do we delegate service to a single department in our businesses? Why do we promise customer satisfaction, while we allow inefficient methods and internal politics to frustrate our ability to deliver? It’s time for us to do better.

After more than 25 years helping leaders around the world to do just that, Ron Kaufman delivers the principles behind his proprietary architecture for creating a self-sustaining service culture. With tools, steps and practical advice that have proven effective in business, government, communities, and homes on every continent and in many languages, this book offers a blueprint to making service a part of everything you are and everything you do.

"Kaufman’s relentlessly positive attitude and focus on creating value for others is refreshing in today’s economic climate."

– Publishers Weekly

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Reader's Discussion Guide

This Uplifting Service Discussion Guide will help you build strong and sustainable service cultures. Key questions for each chapter enable personal reflection and group discussions.

“Contributing to our success is the Uplifting Service Discussion Group hosted digitally with more than 250 team members participating. Each month we read one chapter of Ron Kaufman’s New York Times bestselling book, Uplifting Service, and share our best ideas to each other. This is a revolutionary way to generate new actions to build a strong service culture.”

– Paul Jones, CEO, LUX* Resorts and Hotels

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A Personal Message From Ron Kaufman

I believe the readers of this book are people who enjoy making useful contributions. Whether you do this in your work and your community, or in your home and personal life, the service you provide to others creates a more enlightened planet for us all.

Thank you for reading this book and for putting what you learn into action.

My warmest and best wishes to you,

– Ron Kaufman


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What Do Leaders Have To Say?

  • “Ron Kaufman has unlocked the mystery of service. Get ready for a magnificent journey into a new world.”

    Marshall Goldsmith

    Bestselling Author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

  • “There’s no substitute for great service and Ron Kaufman has captured both the why and the how in this book.”

    Arte Nathan

    President & COO, Strategic Development Worldwide

  • “Uplifting Service gets to the bottom of what every great business should be, and then uplifts it… This is a necessary book for every business.”

    Ann Rhoades

    Executive Vice President of Jet Blue Bestselling Author of Built on Values

  • Uplifting Service gets to the bottom of what every great business should be, and then uplifts it. This is a necessary book for every business.

    Richard Whiteley

    Bestselling Author of Customer Driven Growth

  • For mankind, [Uplifting Service] is transformational. For business, it’s a clean and clear path to a sustainable competitive advantage.

    Thomas Moran

    Director, Customer and Partner Experience, Microsoft Operations

  • Uplifting Service is a much needed breath of fresh air for our troubled times… If you have customers you must read this now.

    Stephen M. R. Covey and Greg Link

    Bestselling Authors of Smart Trust


#5 “New York Times” Best Seller

The New York Times | May 2012 | Uplifting Service
“Uplifting Service” earns the #5 spot on the New York Times Best Seller list.

#1 “USA Today” Best Seller

USA Today | May 2012 | Uplifting Service
“Uplifting Service” wins out, claiming the #1 spot on the USA Today Money Best Seller list.

#1 Amazon Business Books Best Seller | May 2012 | Uplifting Service
“Uplifting Service” triumphs, hitting #1 on Amazon’s Service Industry Best Seller list and #4 overall.

#1 Barnes& All Books Best Seller

Barnes & Noble | May 2012 | Uplifting Service
“Uplifting Service” skyrockets to the #1 spot on B&N’s Top 100 Best Seller list.

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