Uplifting service leader certification program

Train-the-Trainer Program for World-Class Customer Experience Improvements

Fast Online Certification Program Empowers Leaders to Educate and Enable Team Members

Training and certifying Uplifting Service Leaders is one of the first steps on The Proven Path to Unleashing Unbelievable. Uplifting Service Leaders drive passion for service improvement from the ground up by educating colleagues and inspiring every member of the team.

Uplifting Service Leaders (USLs) are equipped with proven Uplifting Service resources – videos, slides, exercises, and more – to generate new ideas and solve specific service issues, improving internal and external service performance.

Ultimately, USLs play a vital role in building a culture of continuous service improvement that adds value and delivers measurable results.

USLs are talented team members who demonstrate a natural drive to delight other people and exceed expectations. If it’s not immediately apparent who these individuals are in your organization, we will provide easy-to-use selection criteria to help you choose the right people for this deeply satisfying role.


  • Positive service ambassadors who drive service innovation
  • Facilitators of UP Service Excellence Workshops
  • Advisers on implementing new service improvement ideas
  • Active participants in prioritizing and implementing initiatives
  • Collaborators with other USLs, sharing workshop suggestions, feedback, and action plans
  • Coaches to senior leaders to help them walk the walk, align performance measurement and goals, and remove obstacles to the implementation of service improvement ideas.


Online certification:

The best option for people who want just-in-time tools and support is our self-paced, online training and certification. Our Uplifting Service Platform gives you unlimited access to full training and materials in:

  • Ten Service Excellence Principles and workshops
  • The Seven Rules of Service Leadership
  • The 12 Building Blocks of Service Culture
  • plus many additional guides, case studies, and resources

In-person certification:

For organizations choosing to train and certify a group of Uplifting Service Leaders at one time, our Master Trainers can organize and deliver live sessions in one or multiple locations, using both in-person and virtual meetings.


  • Full year access to all materials and resources on the Uplifting Service Platform
  • One complete personal set of Uplifting Service Leader materials
  • Videos and slides for conducting workshops, communication sessions, and leadership presentations
  • Workbooks and materials for every participant in their workshops
  • Assessments to diagnose existing service culture and leadership behaviors
  • Expert guidance and support from the Uplifting Service team
  • Exclusive access to webinars and special events with and Global Master Trainers
  • Membership in the worldwide Uplifting Service Leader community

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“Our Uplifting Service Leaders are true champions who have an ongoing positive impact.”

— Soh Say Lim, Assistant Vice President, Parkway Health

“This training has definitely raised my own awareness of how I provide service to my colleagues.”

— Radha Ravindran, Certified Uplifting Service Leader, Temasek Polytechnic

“I have learned to prepare our participants to be active in their participation and contribution of new service ideas.”

— Salbiah Manan, Head of Branch Services, NTUC Income

“The effects of the Uplifting Service program have been transformative. Team members take greater pride in what they do, and customer response has never been better.”

— Julian Hagger, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, The Lux Collective

“This program generated so many new ideas and opportunities that it was necessary to establish an Uplifting Service task force to prioritize initiatives.”

— Andrew Hurt, General Manager, Xerox Emirates

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