Uplifting Service in Challenging Times

We are working in a time of uncertainty and stress.

Of primary concern is taking care of the health of those people around us — at home, work and in our communities. 

But this situation also impacts the day-to-day work we do in our businesses and organizations. Restrictions on travel and in-person meetings impact important relationships, trainings, and projects. The manufacturing and delivery of products may be delayed, and business initiatives restructured, rescheduled or cancelled. Customers may need changes you had not planned. 

These situations call for excellent service more than ever before.

Service is “taking action to create value for someone else.” Taking action to care for others and the challenges they are facing. Choosing how we will respond to our own personal challenges.

We want to help. We are offering several short courses with simple, but powerful tools, to help you navigate uncertain transactions more effectively – earning trust and understanding along the way.

We are making these tools easily accessible to you and at no cost. It is our hope to add more value — more care — for you in these uncertain times.

These short courses help you respond effectively to take care of customers and colleagues and strengthen trust and loyalty.

In stressful situations, when people cannot make or meet commitments, it’s easy to Blame, Shame or make Excuses for not meeting the expectations of customers or colleagues. Take Personal Responsibility gives you the language and tools needed to be proactive and accountable for what you CAN do in these challenging times. 

Service breakdowns or unexpected changes may occur at anytime. We need to react in ways that recover service and build loyalty and trust long-term.

We can also anticipate future breakdowns and set up systems in advance to ensure a smooth response. Learn to “Bounce Back” with your customers or colleagues.

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