Building Service Partnerships™ (Course 200)

Building Service Partnerships demonstrates the importance of building powerful and lasting partnerships with customers and colleagues. This popular two-day course provides effective tools and proven techniques to help participants increase service commitment, add service value and enjoy lasting win-win results.

This course should be attended by those who work in partnership with customers or colleagues.

Building Service Partnerships - Course 200

Program 201: Connect with Your Customers™

Increasing your service commitment

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the four different models of service interaction
  • Recognize the value of building service relationships and partnerships

Program Contents

  • Understand the limits of one-shot deals
  • Learn to create transaction satisfaction
  • Develop consistent and reliable service relationships
  • Achieve productive and profitable service partnerships

Program 202: Powerful Service Partners™

When you give more, you get more

Learning Objectives

  • Realize the key to getting what you want is helping others get what they value
  • Learn how to add more value to service partners
  • Understand how giving more leads to receiving more

Program Contents

  • Discover how to get more of what you want from whomever you want
  • Learn to identify what other people value
  • Be proactive to add value for others
  • Create lasting success through giving better service

Program 203: The Cycle of Service Improvement™

Adding value and building more trust

Learning Objectives

  • Identify service priorities
  • Understand what customers want, need and value
  • Learn how to create more value through better service agreements
  • Learn four key steps to building trust with customers and colleagues

Program Contents

  • Explore: identify priorities and values
  • Agree: create value in your service promises
  • Deliver: meet and exceed conditions of satisfaction
  • Assure: build trust by following up and following through

Program 204: Closing the Loop™

Building a better future together

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to anticipate and proactively respond to customer needs
  • Create new service opportunities when completing current service agreements
  • Add service value by following up and staying in touch

Program Contents

  • Closing the Loop: connect the end of one service cycle to the beginning of the next
  • Proactive Communication: deliver superior service through timely information
  • Asking ‘What If?’: increase safety, security and service through your anticipation and contingency planning

Build and use a common service language

Uplifting Service College builds a common service language throughout all levels in your organization and among internal and external service providers.

This means everyone understands and applies the same service principles in their work every day. This common service language is essential to building a superior service culture.

A common service language enables your staff to communicate easily and quickly address a wide range of service situations.

Proven methodology

To ensure consistently high quality learning, Uplifting Service College features video-based instruction with Ron Kaufman, the world’s leading educator and motivator for uplifting customer service.

Certified Course Leaders provide relevant service examples, lead customized exercises and facilitate group discussions.

This approach guarantees engaging and effective programs with easy application of key learning points and practical action steps for everyone.

Course 200: Building Service Partnerships™ includes four half-day programs usually conducted over two consecutive days. These programs may also be conducted in half-day sessions to suit your operational needs.

Flexible program delivery

  • Introduction: 10 minutes
  • Video lesson: 15 minutes
  • Team exercise: 20 minutes
  • Video example: 15 minutes
  • Application exercise: 20 minutes
  • Group discussion: 20 minutes
  • Video summary: 15 minutes
  • Learning quiz: 10 minutes
  • Personal action plan: 15 minutes
  • Team action plan: 20 minutes

Certified Course Leaders

All Course Leaders complete a three-day Course Leader Certification Program conducted by a College Master Trainer.

Internal Certified Course Leaders from your organization expand the impact of Uplifting Service College and help you quickly build a superior service culture.

Internal Certified Course Leaders provide increased cost savings, greater flexibility in course delivery, effective customization of course exercises and attractive career development for your staff.

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