Increasing Customer Loyalty™ (Course 300)

Increasing Customer Loyalty teaches participants how to convert customers into loyal ambassadors, bounce back with service recovery, take care of angry customers, handle difficult service situations and manage customer expectations. This course is useful for everyone who serves external customers or internal service partners.

This course should be attended by everyone who is concerned with retaining good customers and promoting long-term customer loyalty.

Increasing Customer Loyalty - Course 300

Program 301: Up the Loyalty Ladder™

What is customer loyalty?

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to move your customers up the loyalty ladder
  • Discover how angry customers can damage your organization
  • Appreciate the value of loyal customers and colleagues

Program Contents

  • Climb five steps on the loyalty ladder
  • Experience the power of first and last impressions
  • Appreciate the high value of loyal customers and service partners
  • Understand the high cost of disloyalty
  • Calculate the lifetime value of your loyal customers

Program 302: Superior Service Recovery™

How to bounce back UP when things go wrong

Learning Objectives

  • Understand why upset customers can be a tragedy or an opportunity, and how your attitudes and actions will make the difference
  • Recognize the three actions you must take to earn higher levels of loyalty in service recovery situations

Program Contents

  • Identify the three key steps in effective service recovery
  • Learn how to bounce back UP to higher levels of loyalty than ever before
  • Learn how to turn angry complaints into sincere compliments

Program 303: Handling Difficult Situations™

What to do when your customer is really upset!

Learning Objectives

  • Discover the benefits of customer complainers and complaints
  • Learn how to stay cool, calm and connected with upset customers
  • How to make a ‘wrong’ customer feel ‘right’ (without making your organization wrong!)

Program Contents

  • Appreciate how complaints can help organizations learn, improve and grow
  • Practice three ways to stay calm when serving angry people
  • Key steps to serving customers who exaggerate, get confused and make other mistakes

Program 304: Managing Customer Expectations™

Start winning from the beginning

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to ‘under promise and over deliver’ (and when not to use this effective tactic)
  • Build goodwill by making and keeping clear service promises to customers and colleagues

Program Contents

  • Proven tactics for managing customer expectations
  • A long-term strategy to earn goodwill with your customers and colleagues
  • Eliminate confusion and increase satisfaction with clearly stated and kept service promises

Build and use a common service language

Uplifting Service College builds a common service language throughout all levels in your organization and among internal and external service providers.

This means everyone understands and applies the same service principles in their work every day. This common service language is essential to building a superior service culture.

A common service language enables your staff to communicate easily and quickly address a wide range of service situations.

Proven methodology

To ensure consistently high quality learning, Uplifting Service College features video-based instruction with Ron Kaufman, the world’s leading educator and motivator for uplifting customer service.

Certified Course Leaders provide relevant service examples, lead customized exercises and facilitate group discussions.

This approach guarantees engaging and effective programs with easy application of key learning points and practical action steps for everyone.

Course 300: Increasing Customer Loyalty™ includes four half-day programs usually conducted over two consecutive days. These programs may also be conducted in half-day sessions to suit your operational needs.

Flexible program delivery

  • Introduction: 10 minutes
  • Video lesson: 15 minutes
  • Team exercise: 20 minutes
  • Video example: 15 minutes
  • Application exercise: 20 minutes
  • Group discussion: 20 minutes
  • Video summary: 15 minutes
  • Learning quiz: 10 minutes
  • Personal action plan: 15 minutes
  • Team action plan: 20 minutes

Certified Course Leaders

All Course Leaders complete a three-day Course Leader Certification Program conducted by a College Master Trainer.

Internal Certified Course Leaders from your organization expand the impact of Uplifting Service College and help you quickly build a superior service culture.

Internal Certified Course Leaders provide increased cost savings, greater flexibility in course delivery, effective customization of course exercises and attractive career development for your staff.

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